What is Project Pierpont?

One of the most common forms of email spam these days is Nigerian 419 (or Advanced Fee Fraud) scams. The stories in the letters change, but the form is always the same. Sad tales of corruption in Africa from petty civil servants, gold miners, the children of murdered despots, or bankers looking for heirs to long lost fortunes -- and you my friend, in a 100% risk-free venture, can receive 30% of millions of US dollars as a confidential partner in these shady dealings.

Most people hit the delete button on these emails. However, some of us can't resist the urge to respond tongue-in-cheek. Hiding behind anonymous email accounts we scam the scammers. We create our own imaginary, greedy and astonishingly gullible westerners who lead the scammers on wild goose chases. For every plot twist the scammers devise, we'll ante them with a crazier turn in the story. We waste their time, and hopefully some of the resources, by stringing them along for our own amusement.

Project Pierpont is my foray into scamming the scammers. Click on the "Letters" link to see the adventures of Pierpont Weaver and his new penpals. The "Links" page will take to sites where other folks are dong the same, or to pages containing serious information about the Nigerian 419 scam.